Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Talkin About Hetalia Pt.2: HetaGames

OMG I can't believe that I forgot about this DX

Now, to start...what are HetaGames? Here's my definition

HetaGame: A game that encompasses the characters of Hetalia in situations that may or not pertain to the original content.

This certainly opens up what exactly a 'HetaGamee' in its self could contain. Today I will be talking about HetaQuest since I'm lazy.


HetaQuest was created on NicoNicoDouga like most the HetaGames that get translated on youtube by SoteAG. The first part was uploaded on July 8th (I couln't find the year.) and is currently up to part 46 which was uploaded Jan 6th of 2012. It is uncertain if it is on hiatus or not. (Though recent video uploads prove it might not be)

HetaQuest's title is a deprivation fo Hetalia Quest and is divided into Three Chapters.

The game starts however with America and Italy in an library searching for the fabled "Atomsphere." that everyone keeps on telling them to rea when they approiached by a hooded woman who gives them a book saying they could keep it and then dissappears.

The two, excited that they found i eagerly open the book to the table of contents which they read the titles of the first two chapters "Feliciano." and "Alfred." before geting zapped to a different world where each of them has to impersonate their other selves whom has been killed recently.

You first followed Italy and meet the rest of the Axis Powers and other familar faces such as Spain, China and a few others. The story mainly revolves around Italy, Germany and Japan (whom are named Ludwig and Kiku respectively.) This chapter starts at Part 1 and ends at Part 21

The second chapter follow America, alongside Canada and England with France and Sealand as two of the main 'side characters' (named Matthew, Arthur, Francis and Peter) This Chapter begins at Part 22 and ends at Part 41 which then there is an interval called "Extra: The 54th Black Eagle and The Child of Joy."

This s one of my favourite HetaGames just for the fact that it's very interesting on how everything interwines together.

This game is very precious to me as it's one last hetagames that I'm following and keeping my interest.

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