Monday, 1 April 2013

First Blog Post Ever!

Hehe. This is my first blog post. I dunno what to put in it honestly, I think I'll just type and let the words just flow from my fingers I guess.

First I'll start with the meaning of this blog. This blog is not meant to make myself 'stand out' in anyway. I am just writing about what I like, when I like and however I want to write about it, so my blog might or might not be very informative but that is all judged on your perspective in how I write and how  voice my views and opinions.

My opinions of things will also go on here along with my expectations for something and judgements. I always try to back up how I feel with evidence of why. Why is a very important question to me, you should be able to back up what you think with an explanation, even a simple is fine, but a 'just cause' isn't really an answer I cannot really accept.

About Myself

I will start with the basics. I am a 17 year old girl who lives in Southern Ontario and is her final year of high school though she's going back for another year.

....Yeah, that's all your getting on 'me' as a person. Stupid pervs....


I like anime (Including Hetalia, Death Note, Tears to Tiara, Angel Beats! Clannad, Air, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Princess Tutu, Detective Conan, Another, Elfen Lied, InuYaaha, Magical DoReMi and more~) which as you can see from the list, is quite a varied selection, ranging from mystery, to romance, to comedy to downright saddening.

Mystery-solving is quite a big part of my life. I love looking at somethingg and trying to solve it. A example of a mystery that I enjoyed solving was the book 'And Then There Was None.' though the only thing that  I figured it out by was the 'red herring;' bit in the nursery ryhme which really sealed the deal for me, I had a feeling due to it seem that 'justice' was being served to those who deserved it but clues othert then my own ntuition and that hint in the ryhme were scarce.

A few more hobbies of mine are talking to my friend, singing and posting videos of my singing on youtube, watching Food Network, and reading twitter which is motly to watch people who ost videos that I like on youtube (which include: chuggaaconroy, Tatsudoshi/MultipurposeSpam, TheRunawayGuys.)

....I like ponies too :D I even have a selfie-pony.

Her other name is 'Wing Wright' after Willard Wright
whom was a great mystery-writer. Her cutie mark is suppose
to be a magnifying glass overtop of a question mark.

Now anyway, if you have any questions abot anything (opinions on things, ask about my r/l, whatever ya want really) ffeel free to leave a comment, heck ven if you wany to say hi too that's cool too!


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